How to write a song – in 5 five simple steps

How to write a song in five simple steps

To write a song is an art that employs your intuitive impulses and your strong imagination power to come up with a beautiful tune and usual lyrics that sound wonderful together. A song is just another way of expressing the songwriter’s thoughts and making others feel exactly how he/she is feeling. Song writing is not something to start with a very concrete idea. Improvising a random idea is the best way for writing a good song.

5 simple steps to write a song

Come up with a unique idea of writing a song

A unique idea is a tune that you are probably humming the whole day randomly without noticing and then you suddenly realize that you have got something very pleasing to chant on. You need just to trust your creative brain that has come up with the unique idea of floating notes.

Remember, this is just the raw idea that you need to work far on to bring out something that will generate a very common sense of pleasure to all its listeners. If your tune remains unnoticed amid your first few listeners, then you either need to work more on improvising the idea or you must try for a better tune until you get that.

One very important point to make note of is that you yourself will like almost all of your new tunes that come to your mind. But it may not be equally pleasing for all of your listeners too. Therefor selecting the unique idea among all the other ideas you have is a tough work. You need to be very picky about finding something that will truly touch your listeners’ soul.

Imagine how you want your song to sound like

A song idea comes with its own best fit genre where it will get fit into to justify its musical accompaniment and other technical measures. A sad song may not sound as good with a peppy orchestration as with a simple piano backup. Similarly a dance number cannot be created just with a jazz guitar. To have the clear idea about how you want your song to sound like is the secret behind success. Therefor your senses must tell you what genre of music you are into so as to write the best song ever.

Getting the best idea to compose a new song and assigning it the best genre to sound magnificent are two different things altogether.

Find out the simplest chord progression for your tune


The best way for writing a good song starts with the selection of the right chords for your tune. Here is the trick.

You may sometime come with few random notes that may hit your ears hard and may seem like seeds to a new song, but it will not yield the whole body of the song for you. This becomes the most hated challenge for you when your intuitions too leave you alone.

So, How about an idea that keeps you moving?

Here comes the remedy. A good chord progression can make your life a bit easier. Pick up your notes and find a beginning chord for them.

Let’s say your first few notes fit with the “A minor” chord. Now you just need to choose a simple chord progression of “A minor scale” such as [Am F G Am]. You may not know what notes may come next but you definitely have the idea of changing chords.

Now try to find the corresponding notes in the next chord. You will feel a tension is being created by the notes unless you reach the third chord, and on the fourth chord there will be the final release of the tension. This creates the melody of your song what you may later find lyrics for.

Plan your song structure

A good song evolves with a great song structure. A song must have a hook, something that your listeners will hum unconsciously. A hook is considered as the soul of a song. Technically a hook is the part of a song that you repeat the most out of the whole song. A hook can be instrumental too.

Creating tension while following the chord progression and releasing the tension returning to the mother chord is how a song works. Therefor good tune tailored on a simple chord progression makes it easier for the listeners to catch the song quickly. A same method is used to create the intro, the verse & the hook of the song.

Find the best suited words to complete your lyrics

Fitting the best lyrics for your song is another art you must be good at. Many songwriters hire a professional lyricist for this job. But as a beginner you may find it difficult to find a profession writer for you. If you think that you are good enough to do it yourself, I will always appreciate.

Understanding the meter, choosing the best word for a particular note, a focused story line, a good vocabulary of contemporary language and the art of rhyming that is all you need.

Here is one of my compositions:


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