How to write the best lyrics for your song

How to write the best lyrics for your song

A lyrics writer must be well acquainted with the art of poetry. Though writing lyrics is far different an art than that of writing a poem, but it takes the same sense of composing, art of rhyming and other linguistic and creative excellence to be able to write the best and praise worthy lyrics. To write good lyrics needs commendable command over a language, but don’t worry Rome was not built in a day. Even as a beginner you may come out with something unexpected. Let us begin the journey of how to write the best lyrics for your song.

5 things to keep in mind to write the best pro-style lyrics

  • Develop strong poetic sense and creativity
  • Increase contemporary vocabulary
  • Understand the demand of the song
  • Stick to the subject
  • Be Versatile

Develop strong poetic sense and creativity

Actually, sense of poetry is a gifted art and to write something that must fit a tune. It takes a good understanding of music too. Yet hard work and regular practice will definitely make things easier for you. The more you write the more you grow. Your creativity will definitely find its own way out.

Develop a good command over linguistic skills so as to avoid mistakes in any form, be it grammar, appropriate uses of words, rhyming or using poetic devices. One very important thing is to be able to fit words to every note of a song so finely that it must not skip the time assign to it.

Reading is another proven method of developing creativity. Reading will give you the idea about how to rhyme for different verses, understanding the metres and devices used in various poetic masterpieces, developing the sense of writing creatively around a pre-determined subject and creating something great for your appreciators.

Increase contemporary vocabulary

Write simple and understandable verses for your lyrics. Using contemporary words in your lyrics will make your creation more comprehensible. You can only get appreciation when your words are easily consumable. A bunch of good sounding, hard to pronounce words may not be as meaningful to your audiences as you may think that to be. Too much of unrealistic and imaginative take away will make your lyrics severely boring. Hence, use of sophisticated vocabulary with excellent rhyming may not be as effective for general audience as a few simple words hosted under a good rhyming metre.

It is therefore far better to write a naïve poem than that of a complex piece of tough to carry junk.

Understand the demand of the song

Your choice of words should always be genre specific. Imagine writing a dance song with sad lyrics; yes you can but that has to be exceptionally creative. Every genre of song has a different style of lyrics that is very much typical to that style only. You can easily tell apart the lyrics between a Hip-Hop Rap and a Soft Rock song. It is therefore very important to understand the genre, mood and the other demands of the song properly before choosing your vocabulary.

Stick to the subject to write the best lyrics for your song

You know that, every song has its own purpose. Therefore when writing lyrics for an already composed tune, you should be very much careful about how the song should sound with your lyrics. Your lyrics must serve the purpose of the song. For example, you are writing the lyrics for a gloomy situational song, you should always pretend to be unhappy throughout the whole song. You cannot sound joyful sometime and somewhere in the midway you shouldn’t suddenly fall in love. Your words must always substantiate the purpose of the song. There cannot be multiple purposes of a single song.

The lyrics of a song have its own story-line. It is therefore very important to write around the main subject of the song, develop the story and remain stick to it. Therefore it is very much important to stick to the subject to write the best lyrics for your song.

Be Versatile lyrics writer

It is completely your choice to be either very specific about your genre or to be a versatile lyrics writer. Versatility is definitely a feather in your cap. Your versatility will bring to you a greater number of assignments and contracts. Specialized writing is not suggestive as it may limit your senses to a very small domain. Your identity and purpose of existence will become limited to resolving very domain specific issues and hence you shall not be remembered easily.


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