How to play chords on guitar- in 5 simple steps

How to play chords on guitar?

To play chords on guitar you must understand what a chord is.

A chord is a combination of 3 or more notes played together. Notes played together sound beautiful only when the chord is played correctly. Notes are the building blocks for a chord similarly chords lay the foundation for a song. Different chords played in a definite sequence on definite time intervals create the progression in a song.

Before you move ahead I strongly recommend you to learn about chords and understand how to play chords them guitar.

5 simple steps to play chords on guitar

Know your guitar first

Your well-tuned guitar comprises of six strings produces six musical sounds when plucked independently i.e. E A D G B E (alphabetic representation of musical sounds).

The neck of a standard acoustic guitar comprises of 19 frets where electric guitars come with a greater number of frets. Frets are the small partitions made on the neck of a guitar that you will come across during playing. A fret is the place where you need to set your finger pressing a string while playing a note or a chord on a guitar. Remember you must be very clean on pressing a string on some fret and hit the same string so as to be able to produce a clear sound. Pressing the same string on different frets produces different sounds (called notes). Each note has its own musical importance.

Begin with the easy and popular guitar chords

To play a guitar chord you must know where to place your fingers and how to hit the strings. A chord comprises of three or more notes. In a short while, we will begin with the easy to learn chords first.

We will start with Open Chords, to name C major, D major, F major, A minor, A major etc.

Look at the images here and try to position your fingers accordingly considering the following numbering method for your fingers.

  • Thumb- T
  • Index- 1
  • Middle- 2
  • Ring- 3
  • Little- 4

Press the strings onto the frets with the fingers as numbered and strum all the strings with another hand above the sound hole of the guitar. Place each finger neatly between other two strings so as not to touch them and avoid unwanted mutes. Try to strum the strings in definite intervals using a metronome application on your phone. You can try different strumming patterns once you start playing nicely.

Practice playing every single chord clearly

Playing every single chord clearly is very important before you try playing any song. Chords played with different strumming patterns give rhythmic feel to a song. Hence playing chords clearly is very important to sound like a pro. Only a clear and warm sound can give pleasure to the ears.

Learn a bit of Music Theory

Learning a bit of Music Theory will definitely help you in learning chords with gradual improvement in your understanding of music. This way you will be able to construct more number of chords without anyone’s help.

It is therefore very important to understand the differences among various chords and their proper uses. To be able to distinguish among the chords you will have to learn what Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished, Seventh or Ninth mean for a chord.

Try advanced chords

Once you master the art of playing Open Chords you can try playing the Bar Chords and other complex chord structures so as to be able to play guitar for any given song.

Click here to learn to play the chords of any song.

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